The A.I. model served up over 80 recipes in total. Some ingredients like “troot” and “wof sprinkles” were a little offbeat, while other combinations including coriander and pear sounded surprisingly delicious.

Once the team narrowed down the recipes, they worked with Kayleigh from the Little House Kitchen to fine-tune the machine’s suggestions and cook them up.

“We didn’t expect there to be so many unusual combinations” said Derek from Sharpshooter. “At first, the neural network suggestions were chaotic, but over time, we got a lot of very creative and fun outputs”.

The five chosen cakes, which included, “Vanilla, Guinness and Marmalade”, “Coriander and Poached Pear” and “Blueberry with a Twig and Wire Dusting” were enjoyed by attendees on 6 December at the I’ll Be Back event, hosted by Tiny Giant Co-founders Richard Norton and Kerry Harrison.

“We’ve seen so many headlines about machines doing human jobs, and people worrying about being replaced,” commented Kerry from Tiny Giant. “We wanted to show the public that we can work together with A.I. to heighten creativity and achieve things that haven’t been possible before”.

This world-first human and A.I collaboration has certainly created some delicious results. It also tells us that we can look forward to a future where humans and artificial intelligence can do great things together.

If you want to see how we did it, have a look "behind the scenes".

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